Origami API 2.10

Discover 2.10 Dark Dolphin and its key features ! The following release note covers the most recent changes since April 1st 2022.

For more details about this release note, please refer to the “changelog” section at the bottom of the page.

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Features highlighs

This is a non-exhaustive list of the most impactful features. For more details, please refer to the “changelog” section.

– Connection to the Google Translate API to allow content translation on demand
– Gift card purchase and payment: module allowing the purchase of a gift card on the marketplace, the generation of a random code, then the possibility of paying with this gift card as well as with a complementary payment (bank card for example)

– The customer’s email address in the order is now hidden from the seller

– When adding an offer, the “save” button is greyed out until it is possible to complete the offer information
– The “Weight” tab is now called “Logistics” on a product page. An information message is displayed to explain the role of this page
– The main category is now the finest category selected in the tree structure

– UX redesign: addition of widgets summarizing all tickets. These widgets can be clicked to target the tickets you want to see
– Addition of an “Assigned to” filter
– A ticket is no longer deleted when the linked product is deleted. Only the association to this product is deleted
– It is possible to filter by status of tickets in the mailbox
– The exact dates of messages sent are displayed in the ticket summary and in the body of the ticket, for each message
– It is possible to filter to “Empty” in each filter in the mailbox
– A ticket can be assigned to a product, without being assigned to an order

– Added an “Error Logs” tab to display errors when notifications are not sent
– Notifications can now be translated directly in the back office

– Users, sellers and customers can now have a preference language, which will be used to translate the notifications they receive

– Integration of a new PSP connector: Tripartie

– Seller export: the fields “Address” / “Postcode” / “City” / “Country” are exportable
– Seller export: the “Active” and “Not active” fields are exportable (type: Boolean 1/0)
– Export products and product offers: the rules “Seller ID”, “Main category”, “Limit to certain states” have been added
– Notices are now exportable
– Tickets (customer service email) are now exportable
– Some action buttons have been highlighted.


– General migration to PHP 8
– The Bank Transfer page is now Ajax datable

– Possible to know if a callback_url has been played or not through the module log.

– A policy has been added for the “warehouse” class

– New sanity indicating the IDs of sellers with negative wallets

– Added “user reset password” and “user set password” event seeders to main seeder

– Prestashop module: when the URL and/or token are modified, all associated webhooks are updated, as well as the callUrls in the “event_actions”.

Bug fix highlighs

This is a non-exhaustive list of the most impactful bug fix. For more details, please refer to the “ changelog” section

  • When a transport offer has a specific visibility, it is now possible to remove this visibility and return to “No specific visibility”.
  • In a feed, a product detail now displays “kg” instead of “g
  • Added a “nullable” to the “order_seller_id” column of “gift_card_usag”.
  • The “file” custom field now displays the file correctly
  • Numerical values are correctly displayed in the workflow
  • Error from Hipay: a redirection has been added on the front office
  • On repeated clicks on adding a rule to the exports, only one modal is now displayed
  • Exports can now generate files of more than 6000 lines
  • Export rules are now displayed faster
  • The choice of carriers in the back office and front office is now dynamic
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