Changelog 2.8

Bug fix

Version 2.8.28

– A change of logic has been made on the sanity OrderSellerTypeNotSynchronizedWithItsOrderSanity in order to cover a maximum of cases fix

Version 2.8.27

– In the “PaymentReportClosedWithoutInvoiceSanity”, commission reports without commissions are no longer taken into account fix

 The updateUserHook method of the mangopay module is now usable in the event engine fix

 The “PaymentWithoutOrderSellerSanity” sanity returns the Origami IDs of problematic transactions and not the PSP ones fix

 Add a unique constraint on visibility fix

Version 2.8.26

– ChronoShop2Shop is now functional with SendCloud fix feature

– In the sanity OrderSellerTypeNotSynchronizedWithItsOrderSanity, OrderSellers of type quote belonging to an Order of type order are no longer taken into account fix

Version 2.8.25

– Fix the sanity of the order / order_seller type synchronisation fix

Version 2.8.24

– SendCloud module: reduction of the “city” value of the addresses (sender and recipient) to 30 characters to avoid a type of error during label generation fix

– Fix bug on billing mandate generation fix

Version 2.8.23

– Fix bug on administrative notification sending on parent transaction fix

– Switch TicketTypeTransformer count from PHP to Eloquent one, this caused slowness on ticket index fix

– Fix bug on billing mandate credit_note generation fix

Version 2.8.22

– When creating a default warehouse, the default address is now that of the seller fix

– Fix bug on multiple “same product offer” added on cart line fix

– Optimization of the seller page feature

Version 2.8.21

– Fix bug on billing_address or shipping_address updating on cart fix

Version 2.8.20

– Connect to federal API on Tenup feature

Version 2.8.19

– Correction of the sanity “Seller’s order not synchronised with his order poolfix

Version 2.8.18

– Changed the charset of the Database to take iOS emojis into account fix

 Resolution of a label generation error for an order without a collection point and with collection point carriers available via SendCloud fix

 Fixed a bug in the recovery of shipping methods with an offer without maximum weight indicated fix

 Boxtal: when generating a label, an explicit error message is displayed if the country of dispatch or receipt is not delivered by Boxtal fix

Version 2.8.17

 When an OrderSeller is cancelled by pressing the button, the corresponding hook is now performed synchronously fix

– On generated labels: 1.The company name is replaced by the shop name 2.The phone number is no longer visible 3.The sender’s email is the seller’s and not the customer’s fix

Version 2.8.16

 Addition of front-end exploitable error codes in the FFS SSO module fix

Version 2.8.14

 Fixed a redirection problem after a Stripe payment fix

– Fixed the calculation of the total weight of the order sent to SendCloud fix

 Fix for SendCloud labels in error due to “house_number” being too long: separation of number and street at address level fix

 SendCloud labels: if the address number is missing, insert a zero fix

Version 2.8.13

 Fixed an error for checking custom fields on a quote fix

– The synchronization date of a feed is now set at the beginning of the process fix

– Fixed sanity to synchronize order sellers with their order fix

– Shipping error labels: fix for the case where no shipping method could be found fix

Version 2.8.12

 Fixed an error on the call to the pre-authorisation acceptance and capture hook fix

Version 2.8.10

– Fixed a bug that prevented the generation of transfers for orders using subscriptions fix

Version 2.8.9

– New sanity allowing to delete all duplicated ticket messages fix

– When activating / deactivating a seller, all associated offers will now be individually synchronised with the FO fix

– In the Mangopay refund hook, the parent transaction of the transaction being refunded is now used if there is one fix

– Subscriptions : the start date of the seller subscription is the start date of the subscription fix

– Flat commissions per product are now taken into account fix

Version 2.8.8

– Corrected the display of the seller page feature

– Correction of a duplication error on a hook when accepting an order fix

– Correction of an error of calculation of the price including VAT on the order line when the prices are in centimes fix

Version 2.8.7

– Fix the attachment of payment transactions when creating an order  fix

Version 2.8.4

– Adding permissions for the connector (get & patch warehouses) fix

Version 2.8.3

– Improved the speed of loading product offers fix

– Fixed a bug in the FFS SSO that was causing users to be created without roles fix

– Fixed a bug that prevented preauth from changing its status to Validated fix

Version 2.8.2

– Details added on an error linked to SSO fix

– Missing translations have been added fix

– Fixed a bug that prevented to get the redirection url for the FFS SSO fix

– Fixed a bug in the FFS SSO module translations fix fix

Version 2.8.1

– Fix missing SHAREHOLDER_DECLARATION KYC type on mangopay installing fix

– Fix seller data not updating bug when mangopay user hook is executed fix

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