Also known as the “back office” is the set of administrative and operational management procedures that a customer does not have to deal with when making a purchase. It is reserved for the administrator and partners/sellers.

Allows you to collect money from your customers and pay it back to your merchants, after deducting a certain commission.

KYB (Know Your Business)
A set of legal information required from the seller to be able to sell on the platform / or withdraw their money

KYC (Know your customer)
A list of supporting documents to be provided to the payment service provider for verification, to avoid fraud or money laundering.

Type of application that can be downloaded to add new functionalities to the marketplace. The modules can be configured to meet the needs of the platform and its users.

Refers to an informative message communicated on a digital environment. The notification can be a pop-up, an e-mail, an sms,…

A pack is a group of several products or services. Packs are often grouped together to facilitate storage and transport.

Action of allowing, authorizing. In the context of the marketplace, permission can authorize (or not) certain actions on the platform for targeted individuals.

PSP (Payment Service Provider)
The PSP is the payment management service. In the case of a marketplace, it must be approved by the ACPR for payment on behalf of third parties.

A document in which the seller summarizes his offer of goods or services to the buyer. It must be signed by the seller.

A company or individual offering goods for sale on the platform.

A seller’s account on Origami may comprise several users. The “Seller” entity corresponds to the information linked to it.

A contract by which one acquires the benefit of a regular service in return for a fixed price for a specified period.

Involves three parties. In the context of the marketplace, it is the operator, the seller (or service provider) and the customer.

A role defines the permissions for users to perform a group of tasks.

A dynamic tool available on an operating system that provides information or entertainment.

A dynamic tool available on an operating system that provides information or entertainment.