Origami API 2.11

Discover 2.11 Emerald Elephant and its key features ! The following release note covers the most recent changes since July 05th 2022.

For more details about this release note, please refer to the “changelog” section at the bottom of the page.

Origami Marketplace API 2.11 Emerald Elephant

Feature highlights

This is a non-exhaustive list of the most impactful features. For more details, please refer to the “changelog” section.

– Add a default configuration of 1500*1500 to resize images
– Config tinymce on categories textarea description

– Add taxes on shipping offers
– Shipping offers can now be desactivated by default.

– Update payout translation on seller wallet
Add payment report automatic closing
Fix redirect back after payout
Gift cards are now available with Mangopay

– SendCloud shipping labels: Spanish and belgium structure addresses are now taken into account to separate house number from address
– Vimeo: Integration of videos in product descriptions

– Possibility to choose a warehouse in which product offers of the selected seller will be created
– possibility to map customer group ids for specific price rules

– New field for product offers export: purchase price
– New field for order exports: payment methods used for the order
– New field for variant product exports: attributes (displays all attribute values in the same cell)
– New field for order exports: type (’order’ and ‘quote’)
– New rule for order exports: choice of order type that will be exported
– Seller can now see exports he created, and only his. About customer data, seller can only export firstname, lastname and fullname. Seller cannot export payment methods nor customer fees
– Add export payment report

Bug fix highlights

This is a non-exhaustive list of the most impactful bug fix. For more details, please refer to the “ changelog” section

  • Prevent users to payout operator vouchers transaction amounts from their wallet when these transactions belongs to an unfinished OrderSeller (not refunded or transfered to seller)
  • Special characters are now automatically removed from url_rewrite field on categories
  • Export: fix new rule about order type : we can now select “quote” type.
  • Export: fix payment methods field. Get credit card, gift card, administrative remit, SEPA levy, wallet, operator voucher and bank transfer. Payment methods are now get regardless of their status. Payment methods are now translated in export (FR/EN).
  • Fix bug on payment report transfer order_sellers amount
  • Improve error handling on payment report transfer
  • Remove canceled order_sellers on payment report
  • Synchronize modifications of a mapping feed from CSV file is now possible.
  • Fix bug on payout state bug after seller payout
  • Fix eager load on UserGroup
  • Fix bug on payout state bug after seller payout
  • Fix eager load on UserGroup
  • Increase rapidity of generate export with “order seller” type.
  • Fix 404 error on export with “product offer” type when at least 1 product offer has “quote” type.
  • Fix feed specific price rules when customer_group_id is speficied as name instead of ID.
  • Fix bug of export created by a seller that cannot see his own export.
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