Changelog 2.10

Bug fix

Version 2.10.22

SendCloud could not create shipping label when city was too long fix

Version 2.10.21

– Fix creation of export that became impossible on environments with a lot of data fix

– Operators can now see details of an export created by another operator fix

– Fix bug on mangopay kyc updating function fix

Version 2.10.20

– A gift card usage now can have order_seller_id at null. It is filled when the transaction is synced on an OrderSeller fix

– Recompute specific price rules every time a line is added/modified/removed from a Cart fix

– Deduplicate models for events that have severals conditions (performance amelioration) fix

– Fix feed multiple variant product creation fix

Version 2.10.19

– When synchronising an Origami Vendor feed, the feed products are referenced to the reference in the feed and not the supplier reference fix

– Fix bug on wallet creating by operator fix

Version 2.10.18

– Update product event status action on config event file fix

– Operators can now see all exports, even those created by other operators fix

Version 2.10.17

– Fix SendCloud shipping labels in error when seller address is divided in 2 lines fix

– Correction of the mail sending fix

Version 2.10.16

– Correction of a 500 error on a seller’s detail fix

Version 2.10.15

– Correction of a 500 error on the list of products fix

Version 2.10.14

– Fix bug on ProductOfferEvent changeProductStatusAction fix

– Improving performances of ticket index api endpoint fix

– Remove picture data on tripartie log saving fix

– Create ADMINISTRATIVE_REMIT transaction entry even if a transaction already exists on existing virtual iban fix

Feed product synchronizations are now parallelized feature

Version 2.10.13

– Remove swiss-post shipping on tripartie payment link fix

– Fix prestashop mapping bug fix

– Fix SendCloud shipping labels in error when international shipping methods exist fix

Version 2.10.12

Fix ticket counter locked on 100 fix

– Fix bug on ProductEvent changeStatusAction fix

– A configuration is now available to decide if customer email should display when a seller is viewing an order detail page feature

Version 2.10.11

Update mangopay wallet operator ids on config page module

– Fix: revert commit of 2.10.11 about notification variables fix

Version 2.10.10

Fix bug in template notifications: when string in double brackets is not recognized by blade, this bad variable is replaced by ##### so that the notification can be sent anyway fix

– Configure stripe voucher transfer module

– Fix bug on review creation with tripartie psp fix

Version 2.10.9

– Add trigger of event “error label generation” in SendCloud module fix

–  Fix bug of package tracking fix

– An OrderSeller type Order cant be created from an OrderSeller type Cart if it has ProductOffers type Quote in it fix

– Fix feed secondary key fix

– Fix compute the shipping label fees if the label is not created fix

Version 2.10.8

– Fix of a bug that would prevent the generation of shipping label having Sweden or Ireland as destination fix

– Fix of a typo on the “user_group.get_wallet” endpoint that would prevent the permission “wallets.index” from being applied fix

– The logs that states on a callback_url failure or success are now correctly updated after the end of the asynchronous call fix

– Fix bug that set seller default tax with default marketplace tax on seller upload fix

– Add “mondial-relay” shipping provider on TripartieTransaction link module

– Fix bug on tripartie review not created fix

Version 2.10.7

– Fixed a small bug on one of the conditions to know if a ShippingOffer is available for an OrderSeller fix

– Fixed the problem of duplicate transactions on seller’s wallet after wallet provisioning fix

Version 2.10.6

– Production seeder : zero rate tax is now the default and fixed blocking bugs in EventTableSeeder, ModuleSeeder and SellerSeeder fix

Version 2.10.5

– Fix the price issue returned in the triparty transaction link, including prices affected by specific rules, when the product is added by the seller fix

– Installation of the “Colissimo suivi” module and addition of document templates: invoice, commission invoice, payment report module

Payment receipt – type of ticket “Contact Us” visible for customers and installation of the default seeder feature

Version 2.10.4

– When paying a quote via the back-office with Hipay as PSP, there is no longer an error returned if the user has never created a cart fix

– Addition of the product image in the triparty transaction link fix

Version 2.10.3

– Add events to save tripartie notices module

– Added events to decrement the stock of products ordered on tripartie module

– Added shippingProviders when generating tripartie transaction links module

– Added product dimensions when generating tripartie transaction links module

– Fixed a bug on the calculation of the amount of the promotion codes fix

Version 2.10.2

– When sending a notification, if it does not have a translation for the requested language the first translation is now used by default fix

Version 2.10.1

– Fixing the problem of the wrong thin category fix

– Fix 500 error when export generates more than 6000 rows fix

– Improved speed of display of export rules modal fix

– Fixed a problem with the events seeder fix

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