Changelog 2.9

Bug fix

Version 2.9.19

Execution logs on flows are now sorted from most recent to oldest fix

– A warehouse attached to a transport offer, which contains specific geographical areas, can now be deleted fix

– Product descriptions can now contain emojis fix

– Fixed the bug that prevented crediting a wallet fix

– When attaching a transaction by order update : if no transaction exists with this transaction id, a 404 is sent. if the transaction is already attached to the order, it will not be attached again fix

– Correction of weight management for Colissimo via SendCloud fix

Version 2.9.18

– Prevent events on BANK_WIRE, ADMINISTRATIVE_REMIT transactions from firing before they are attached to orders fix

– Fixed the problem that prevents ADMINISTRATIVE_REMIT transactions from being queued fix

– Added an event on grouped orders to manage the sending of emails on transfers fix

– Purge of the logs of the Prestashop module which are 02 days old fix

Version 2.9.17

– Set BANK_WIRE, ADMINISTRATIVE_REMIT, SEPA transactions to “CANCELLED” when orders are cancelled fix

– When creating a refunded order, it is now attached to the payment report (if existing) fix

Version 2.9.16

– Fix transactions that are still pending after closing the payment reports to which they are attached fix

– General configuration: added the “helpdesk” link feature

Version 2.9.15

– When calculating the amounts for an OrderLine in relation to its ProductOffer and quantity, fixed a bug related to rounding that sometimes gave a wrong result fix

Version 2.9.14

– Correction of a user synchronisation error with Mangopay when the address of the head office is not filled in for a professional seller fix

– SendCloud: correction of a regression concerning the choice of the shipping_method according to the weight (different management between Mondial relay and the other carriers) fix

Version 2.9.13

– Added “Is associated with a command” condition on events with “Transaction” entity fix

– Fixed empty shipping bug when creating a command with a custom form fix

Version 2.9.12

– Fixed 500 error when sending wrong context in API request header fix

Mail template parsing errors are now correctly formatted when sending email fix

Authentication errors due to token expiration now return a 401 response directly fix

– Fixed an error when adding a product to the cart with customizations fix

– Recalculation of order line weight now takes into account the situation where the product has been deleted fix

Sendcloud : Tracking does not put back in delivery an order already delivered in relay fix

SendCloud labels: splitting the number and street for the sender address fix

SendCloud labels: the selected shipping method will now have a minimum weight strictly lower than the order weight, and a maximum weight equal or higher than the order weight fix

– The logs of modules older than 1 week are now deleted fix

– In the MangopayHook class, the PaymentType is taken into account when updating transactions. On some Mangopay transactions this attribute does not exist fix

– In the MangopayHook class, when updating the transactions, taking into account the attributes that do not exist on all the Mangopay BANK_WIRE PaymentType fix

– The re-synchronization of a CSV file type flow resynchronizes the active products of the buffer catalogue fix

– Suppression of the cross-flow mapping behaviour for a single seller in a single offer fix

– The “” event action is now functional fix

– Improved OrderSellerTypeNotSynchronizedWithOrderType sanity to take into account the “subscription” type fix

– Fixed PaymentWithoutOrderSeller sanity fix

– Fixed a bug when retrieving delivery methods with the decentralized mode of sendcloud fix

– Fixed a bug in the workflow seeder fix

Version 2.9.11

– Updated the text on the mangopay bank transfer page fix

– Fixed a problem with review links not working fix

Images now upload correctly when adding a product via a feed fix

– SendCloud label generation: sender name truncated to 32 characters fix

Version 2.9.10

– The urls in error are now displayed in the logs of the module fix

Version 2.9.9

– Fixed a bug where a customer did not receive an email after sending a message on a ticket fix

– Added the reference of the transfer and the order_seller in the BANK_WIRE transaction fix

DSP2 compatibility fix for Hipay fix

– It is now possible to use the notification link more than once fix

– Fixed an error when launching the WorkflowSeeder seeder on an existing environment fix

– Fixed an error when retrieving a flow mapping if too many features are configured in the marketplace fix

Version 2.9.8

– Fixing a partial refund problem with Stripe fix

– Added an additional check to avoid trying to generate a transport label at SendCloud or Boxtal when it is not necessary fix

– In the “Transport Offers” tab of the seller page, transport offers were being displayed that were not accessible to the seller fix

– Fixing the amount problem on the RIB info page for payments by transfer with Mangopay fix

– Fixing the problem of not attaching transactions to orders paid by bank transfer fix

Version 2.9.7

– The attributes of the ordered variant are now correctly displayed in the order details fix

– Fixed an error when generating all SendCloud labels fix

– Fixed a bug in the commission calculation when deleting all products from the shopping cart fix

– The condition “Modified order fields” takes into account custom fields fix

Email notifications are correctly attached to the order fix

Version 2.9.6

– Added a config to specify the path to the bank account management on the front-office in the seller portfolio iframe view fix

Version 2.9.2

– Fixed the “OrderSellerWithPayinsNearExpiration” sanity fix

Version 2.9.1

– Fixed the “Payment without order seller” sanity fix

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